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How to be a Strategy Provider – cTrader Copy

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Ruey L.
Full time trader, part time poker player.

Are you already a seasoned trader who can consistently pull profits from the markets? Would you like to share a piece of the cake with fellow traders who are still learning the markets?

If so, then look no more! Becoming a strategy provider might just be a great next step for you in your trading journey.

A strategy provider refers to an entity that trades on its trading account and simultaneously allows others to follow their strategy in return for a performance fee without the hassle of a PAMM account.

Although there are a lot of avenues where you can publish your trading strategy, when it comes to the most user-friendly, hassle-free platform, it has to be cTrader Copy.

Benefits of cTrader copy

– Easy to start (No agreements needed)

– Transparent fees structure

– Not limited to a specific broker

– Trading conditions not affected by amount of capital

– Investors have full control over their funds

Steps to Become a strategy provider
* First you need a cTrader account (obviously)

1. Go to Copy Section (Left Panel) in your cTrader Web/ Desktop, and click on the account you wish to provide strategy with.

2. Click on this green button at the top right.

3. Fill in the form that pops up

4. Once done, your strategy is now published and you can see the Provider icon in the account preview

How to invite investors

– You can share with all traders, or via one-time invitations link to specific people only

-To generate links, click on the share icon on the top of a strategy profile

For a more detailed guide regarding cTrader Copy, click the link here.

Be a strategy provider and make some extra gains now!

Start here!

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